Gobots, Machine Robo Series, Robo Machine & Machine Men!

See Series 1 Index and History page for further details)

Licensed Lines:

1982 - Popy - 'Machine Robo Series' Japan (limited run - see history)
1983 - Bandai - 'Machine Robo Series' Japan
1983 - Bandai America - 'Robot Machine Men' United States (failed line - see history)
1983 - Bandai America - 'Machine Men' Canada (failed line - see history)
1983 - Bandai Australia - 'Machine Men' Australia
1983 - Bandai - 'Robo Machine' Europe
1983 - Tonka - 'Gobots' United States
1993 - Bandai - 'Robo Machines' (with an 's') Europe (mix of RM / MR stamping and lower build quality)

Commonly incorrectly considered licensed:
1985 - Mimo - Convert Brazil ('83 / '84 likely due to the selection offered)
1986 & 1999 - Glasslite - Mutante Brazil


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