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The people this site wouldn't exist without!


Johnny Seidts - Robots enthusiast who has provided invaluable assistance locating information and rare items for the robot toys section of the site. Bascially without his help this site would be a shadow of what it is now. If you'd like to talk Machine Robo or pretty much any robot toys he's a very decent chap.


RoboBeck - Dedicated mode changing robots collector and trader, he has helped filling in blanks providing photo examples and details to expand the robot toys section.


Screwhead - Passionate collector of unloved robot toy lines (among other things), bootlegs and related curiosities. He continues to loan numerous rare examples and has joined the task to photograph and capture content. You'll see his head pop up on pages we've both worked on or he's contributed solo.


David (Dutch) Koppenhaver - Dutch is a professional illustrator and animator. He creates the fox character head page banners and a fanart ostrich image for the Vodka and Ammonia song. His webcomic Misty the Mouse can be enjoyed here and he accepts very reasonably priced commission work at Patreon


All non-image represented text content is copyright implied to the website / owner.

['Image © Avon Fox Image may be used unaltered with this watermark intact.'] implies the digital representation of the watermarked image remains the property of and site owner. All visual content contained within images published to the site / including, however not limited to text contained within an image remain the property of the legal copyright holder(s).

Content published to the site / is done so for the purpose of education and review.

Companies with content promoted include, however are not limited to; 'Bandai Namco Studios Inc.', 'Sony Corporation', 'Hasbro Inc.', 'Microsoft Corporation', 'Nintendo Co., Ltd.', 'Atari, SA', 'Commodore International Ltd.', 'Panasonic Corporation', 'Sega Games Co., Ltd.', 'Tomy Company, Ltd', 'Apple Inc', 'Coleco Inc.', 'Hanimex', 'Mattel Inc.', 'Koninklijke Philips N.V.', 'Sinclair Research Ltd.', 'General Wireless Operations Inc.', 'Dick Smith Holdings Ltd.', 'Activision Publishing Inc.', 'The Walt Disney Company', 'Exxon Mobil Corporation', 'McDonalds', 'Maisto International Inc.', 'British Broadcasting Corporation', 'Heath Company', 'Lucasfilm Ltd. LLC', Robert L. Doerr.


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