Wheelman - Revenge of Cronos / Battle Hackers

Wheelman are a toy line of shape changing robots released in Japan by Bandai.

Wheelman, often called Wheelmen were released as a tie-in to the late 80s Machine Robo Revenge of Cronos and the follow on Machine Robo Revenge of Cronos: Battle Hackers anime.

Canonically only F-One Jack and Hot Rod Joe appear in Revenge of Cronos with Buggy Wolf, Drag Sam, Rotary Kid and Twin-Cam Jimmy joining the Wheelman ranks in the later released Revenge of Cronos: Battle Hackers.

The six approximately four inch figures feature varying degrees of articulation and a competently executed pull back motor feature in alt mode.


Wheelman Catalogue showing Prototype Fossilsaurus

Wheelman Bandai Catalogue Page 1 Wheelman Bandai Catalogue Page 2 Wheelman Bandai Catalogue Page 3 Wheelman Bandai Catalogue Page 4


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