Ro-Bots by Lanard

Released in 1984 by Lanard the Ro-Bots were an inexpensive, mode changing robot toy line for the budget conscious or fans of deformed Corvettes.

Sturdy cars in alt mode with decent pull back and go motors, become charmingly goofy robots with spring-loaded hands. In robot mode the pull back action can still be used to drive the standing robot forward.

The early 80s saw a massive influx of mode changing robot toys purchased from Japan and resold via US distributors to the West. However just as Hasbro broke the trend when they started to design and sell their own Transformers models (G1 Hot Rod on) back to Japanese consumers, Ro-Bots made their way from the US to Japan; something very few US companies had managed to achieve.

Japanese company Cerise Co Ltd (French for cherries, logo is two cherries) imported the Lanard Ro-Bots with such haste they didn't even remove the Lanard stamp from the toys to replace it with their own.

The same Series 1 colour schemes were sold by Cerise as 'Super Change Robo', Super Type (red) and Turbo Type (grey) with additional and modified stickers. By far the most noteworthy feature is the packaging. They were sold in cardboard boxes vs. the US blister cards and the box art is excellent.



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