Kinsman by Dah Yang


Kinsman is a toy line comprised largely of shape changing robots released by Dah Yang in the mid 80s.

While not completely confirmed, it's highly likely all Kinsman products were sourced from previously released toys created by other companies. In this, they're more akin to Hasbro's early Transformers (sourced from Takara and Bandai) than most people would be comfortable with and it accounts for the mishmash of scales, designs and overall inconsistent theme to the line.

Dah Yang appears to have handled a limited release in the United States themselves while partnering with regional distributors (Al-Es - Italy, KingSonic - United Kingdom, Sheco Imports - Australia, Dickies Spielzeuge - Germany, etc.) in other countries.

Kinsman products were also distributed by Nobel Toys, however at this time it's not clear in which countries

Kinsman are an intereresting and challenging line to collect that includes numerous variants.


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