Frequently Asked Questions


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Do you sell hardware?


Unfortunately not. Most if not all of the examples shown on the site have been moved on to new homes and I don't have spares for sale.

How can you break so much vintage gear?!


Rest assured that any hardware that worked when it was dismantled, worked again once it was reassembled. Many of these pieces were non-functional when I got them and were repaired during the process.

Where does all this stuff come from?


Junk shops, kind donations, cheap auctions online and garage (yard) sales. They're not something I go after with a massive fist full of dollars. It's just nice when they pop up and I can share the photos.

Can I donate something?


Yes please! Many of the items on the site arrived from donations. I'll pay postage too! Even if I already have an example of the item there's a good chance you have a variation or revision I can photograph for people to enjoy. None working hardware is also very welcome and all donations are credited.

Do you have to use a flash?


Yes and no. I use the flash so it picks up minor details that are otherwise glossed over without it. It does however pick up all the grit. As the photos were taken for information not aesthetics I use the flash.



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