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Frequently Asked Questions

Ordered from most to least common are the regular
 questions asked about the hardware displayed

Can I buy a piece of hardware?

Yes! Once confirmed fully working I sell off items here [click]. All the hardware on this site is for sale or sold. I also sell cartridges and other hardware not listed on this site. Profits go into the buy more gear fund which helps the site grow.



How can you break so much vintage gear?

Rest assured that any hardware that worked when it was dismantled, worked again once it was reassembled. Many of these pieces were non-functional when I got them and were repaired during the process.



Do you edit the images at all?

Yes. I colour correct and touch up every image to remove excess dust/grit, water damage stains, etc. that may impact the image's usefulness. No changes are made that alter how the actual item looks; eg, all circuit board photos are still 100% accurate.



Where do you get all this stuff from?

Junk shops, kind donations, cheap auctions online. They're not something I got after with a massive fist full of dollars however it's nice when they pop up and I can share the photos.



Can I donate something?

Yes please! I'll usually pay postage too! Even if I already have an example of the item there's a good chance that there is a variation or revision somewhere that I can photograph and show people.



What camera(s) do you use?

It's a 2005 Canon PowerShot S2 IS. It seems to pick up a good, clear images on auto at the range I use it VS a number of more recent cameras that needed a lot of manual fiddling to do the same. As I took over 40,000 photos that were culled down to 1,800 for the first time this section was opened I need something fast and reliable.



Do you have to use a flash?

Yes and no. I use the flash so it picks up minor details that are otherwise glossed over without it. It does however pick up all the grit. As the idea of the images is information not aesthetics I use the flash.