Tandy TV Scoreboard

While Tandy Corporation became 'RadioShack Corporation' in the US, in Australia the brand subsidiary 'Tandy Australia' remains to this day (2011) unchanged and is now owned by Woolworths.

During the 1980s Tandy Australia released many consumer electronics products to the Australian marked rebadged as 'TANDY' and the consumer market was none the wiser. Some examples are the Omnibot robot series and the Armatron robotic arm both rebranded on the packaging and the units as TANDY.

It's unclear whether the Tandy TV Scoreboard is another of these items but it bears a striking resemblance to the 'Hanimex 666' in design and function. **see last image below for comparison.

The Tandy TV Scoreboard is a very portable PONG clone which is able to be powered from either an external 9Volt DC power supply or internally by six AA/UM3 batteries. For storage the unit is a combined piece but during play the player two paddle can be detached while remaining linked to the main component via a cable.

The main component combines the player one paddle, the battery bay, the speaker and the main PCB.

As with most PONG clones the Tandy TV Scoreboard offers a number of PONG-like games and the ability to adjust the ball speed, bat size, angle (slice) and the option of automatic or manual serving.

The one thing that it desperately needs, as with most of the PONG clones, is a volume control to turn down the eventually grating, internally generated sounds. Even adhesive tape over the speaker vent can only do so much.

Note: Hanimiex 666 exampled from playerschoicegames.com

Tandy TV Scoreboard Tandy TV Scoreboard Detached Paddle Tandy TV Scoreboard Back Tandy TV Scoreboard Motherboard PCB
Tandy TV Scoreboard Controller        
Unit pictured has been sold and its location is unknown.