Sony PlayStation Memory Card

Directly above the controller ports on the Sony PlayStation are two slots where gamers can insert a 'Sony PlayStation Memory Card'.

Memory cards were a huge boon to all gamers who were sick to death of having to write down level codes as part of the reward for completing an arduous boss battle, as was the case on most current consoles. While the feature had been available on select other consoles it hadn't been as widely promoted or distributed.

The first run of PlayStation Memory Cards were one megabyte which equated to fifteen save game blocks of data. Later releases offered up to four megabytes of storage space.

While users could save progress mid-game in titles that supported the feature you couldn't manage the data in-game or completely delete data. Starting the PlayStation without a CD in the drive or with the CD door open booted the PlayStation into its OS which incorporated a Memory Card manager for this purpose.

Genuine Sony Memory Cards shipped with an adhesive label so gamers could record what was on the card or which of two warring siblings it belonged to.

If you're exceptionally bored the shells are great to mod into retro USB memory sticks.

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