Sheen Video Game

Manufactured in Hong Kong and released to the Australian market by Sheen in 1976 the 'Sheen Video Game' is one of the many PONG and PONG-like clones. For a basic system this one actually doesn't look all that bad for a Sheen console and seems as if more effort has been made cosmetically than was common as the casing is way bigger than it actually needs to be just to accommodate the angled, slide out controllers.

Sheen also released the 'Sheen 100 Video Sport' and 'Sheen Video Sport 104' (see other page on this site for the 104) which are pretty much the same size as the central, metal plate of the Sheen Video Game console but have detachable controllers. So all of the black space around the central plate really is just cosmetic.

The system has two removable but not fully detachable paddle controllers and a non removable RF cable. It can be powered by either an external 9Volt DC power supply or internally by six UM-1 / D-Sized batteries.

The system has four built in PONG-esque games (Hockey, Squash, Tennis and Hand Ball) which are selected with a slide switch. In addition players can choose from two speed and two bat size settings as well as switch the angle between twenty and forty degrees and select between auto and manual serving.

Curiously enough as with the sticker on the Sheen Sheen 104 Video Sport the casing graphics shows people playing games not offered on the console. Tennis, squash, soccer and... more tennis. On both consoles hockey is replaced with something else.

Personal Note: My parents had one of these when I was a kid and it was great, when I as six. The hockey game was pretty much PONG with two bats per player so based on the casing graphics maybe it was meant to be doubles tennis and the people who made the game had no idea what hockey actually was.

Also, the paddles were a pain in the butt to put back into the console.

Sheen Video Game
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Unit pictured has been sold and its location is unknown.