Sheen 104 Video Sport

Manufactured in Hong Kong and released to the Australian market by Sheen in 1977 the 104 is one of the swollen ranks of PONG and PONG-like clones and they really don't get much more basic than this.

The 104 is a small box with a non-detachable RF cable and two detachable paddle controllers. It can be powered by either an external 9Volt DC power supply or internally by six AA batteries.

The 104 has four built in PONG-esque games (Hockey, Squash, Tennis and Hand Ball) which are selected with a slide switch. In addition players can choose from two speed and two bat size settings as well as switch the angle between twenty and forty degrees.

The only other control is a reset button which is a shame really as it desperately needs a volume control so you can turn down the very quickly grating sounds from the internal 8 ohm speaker.

Curiously enough the sticker on the casing shows people playing Tennis, Hand Ball, Jai alai (squash) and Soccer instead of Hockey. Even the choice of Jai alai is odd because the 104 was marketed to Australia where next to no one would have heard of the sport in 1979 and where squash is played with an tennis-like racket.

A year earlier Sheen had released the 'Sheen 100 Video Sport' which is essentially the same console but includes a light gun and additional in built games to go with it. It has a port to the left of the reset button and if you look at the 104's PCB you can see there's a marking for a 'DIN Socket' where it would have been soldered. 

Sheen 104 Video Sport Sheen 104 Video Sport Controller Ports Sheen 104 Video Sport Controllers
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Unit pictured has been sold and its location is unknown.