SEGA Mega Drive Controller Model 1650 China and Taiwan Versions megadrive

**Details specific to the controllers pictured below is at the bottom of this text.

The Model 1650 'Mega Drive Control Pad' game pad is the standard controller which was sold with the SEGA Mega Drive game console.

It is a pretty standard directional pad affair with three action buttons and a 'Start' button. The controller is more notable for being one of the first game pads to break the rectangular brick design and go with a more comfortable, rounded and ergonomic style.

The 1650 links to the Mega Drive by a standard nine pin, D-Sub, non preparatory connector. It does not however conform to the 'Atari 2600' wiring / switch standard which the Master System's controllers did as the 1650 controller contains some 'smarts'. This means that while the Mega Drive is, for the most part, backwards compatible with Master System games with the use of a converter, some games require the player to unplug the 1650 controller and plug in a Master System one for the games to work properly.

When the Mega Drive was re-released as the smaller Mega Drive II the controllers were given a red Start button making them easy to distinguish from the original Mega Drive release versions. It looks like the Genesis II ones might have all had a blue Start button but I'm yet to confirm if that was release wide.

SEGA also released a six button version to coincide with the release of CAPCOM's 'Street Fighter II: Special Champion Edition'. Please see other page on this site for details.

**The controllers below were manufactured in China and Taiwan; the Taiwanese variations are highlighted in dark blue. The most noticeable differences are the stamping on the inside of the front plate shell, the button contacts on the PCB and that the Taiwanese version does not have a printed 'Toshiba' chip. Less interesting is that the screws that hold the shell together were on the Taiwanese manufactured version had smaller threads.

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Unit pictured has been sold and its location is unknown.