SEGA Mega Drive Menacer Light Gun Receiver megadrive

In 1992 SEGA got sick of Nintendo's 'Super Scope' hogging all of the light gun glory and released the 'SEGA Menacer'.

Photographs of the Menacer 'gun' section will be added at a later date.

The Menacer is not connected to the Mega Drive by a cable but rather tracks its actions via an infrared link. The receiver, seen below, for best results, sits above your television and is connected to the Mega Drive's second controller port.

The gun section comprises a futuristic pistol, a removable shoulder stock and detachable dual sights, which were useless if used as intended. The pistol section is powered by six AAA batteries and is arguably more accurate than the Super Scope.

To get gamers started the Menacer was bundled with a ROM cartridge containing six games as a pack-in bonus. The titles are; Space Station Defender, Pest Control, Front Line, Whack Ball, Rockman's Zone, and Ready, Aim Tomatoes! The latter contained cameos from SEGA's popular 'ToeJam and Earl' characters.

Sadly, as with so many gimmicky hardware add-ons, the Menacer had very few game titles created for it. In fact, on the Mega Drive, excluding the pack-in games, only two; 'T2: The Arcade Game' and 'Body Count'. A number of other titles were released but require either the Mega-CD or Mega-CD and 32X to be added to the Mega Drive.

[Sega Mega-CD and Sega Mega-CD 32X] Corpse Killer
[Sega Mega-CD] Mad Dog II: The Lost Gold, Snatcher, Who Shot Johnny Rock?, Crime Patrol and Mad Dog McCree.

As the Menacer uses scan lines to determine where the the barrel is pointing it will only work with CRT televisions; this done not include CRT computer monitors.

SEGA Mega Drive Menacer Light Gun Receiver SEGA Mega Drive Menacer Light Gun Receiver Motherboard SEGA Mega Drive Menacer Light Gun Receiver PCB
Unit pictured has been sold and its location is unknown.