Palladium Tele-Cassetten-Game

** See other listing on this site for a Hanimex TVG (SD) version of this console.

Released in the late 70's this is one of almost thirty variant consoles to use the same or similar General Instruments chipsets, all doing exactly the same thing; this one was produced by Palladium.

They run games from cartridges which could contain up to ten games or variations of games (eg. Pong variants) that were selectable with the ten buttons on its top. From the look of the main PCB it seems that all of the 'smarts' are in the cartridges and the console is a 'dumb' conduit for putting the images onto your TV. This is in contrast to consoles such as the Atari 2600 were the console held the smarts and the cartridges are simply ROM chips holding the program data.

Sadly the console didn't features a volume control but did offer difficulty settings, auto or manual serve setting and a reset button. First release games for these consoles were pretty much Pong and Pong-like clones but later on some shooting, tank, driving, etc. games came out.

The Palladium version used analogue controllers as opposed do the digital version offered on other clones which meant that it couldn't natively run the tank game. To compensate for this Palladium released numeric keypads so they title could be played.

Another feature is that you can run the console from batteries should you go completely crazy.

Physically it's a pretty horrible, black chunk and clearly produced on a budget. Still, I'm sure a lot of people had a lot of fun with them.

Palladium Tele-Cassetten-Game  Palladium Tele-Cassetten-Game Joystick  Palladium Tele-Cassetten Game      
  Palladium Tele-Cassetten-Game Controller       Palladium Tele-Cassetten-Game Cartridge  
Unit pictured has been sold and its location is unknown.