Super Nintendo Entertainment System 'SNES' Standard Controller

While not as revolutionary as the NES controller the SNES version did introduce two shoulder buttons at the top of the controller in addition to two action buttons on its face. The controller was planned with the extra shoulder buttons to accommodate the planned release of the SNES version of Capcom's 'Street Fighter II'.

The controller still made use of the directional pad pioneered by Nintendo for their 'Game & Watch' LCD handheld games and ignored other console controller trends towards a more ultra-ergonomic design, regardless of the more rounded shape.

Like the NES controller the SNES controllers use a proprietary plug to connect them to the console as opposed to the standard D-Sub 9 connectors favoured by most console manufacturers; eg. Atari and SEGA.

If this SNES controller looks a little odd you probably grew up in the US where the four coloured buttons on the face of the controller were light and dark blue-ish-purple.

Much like the SNES itself, the US version of the controllers and the console were remodeled for the US market with the console and the cartridges being a more boxy design VS the Japanese Super Famicom's rounded look. The PAL region SNES consoles were copies of the Super Famicom's rounded style and retained the four coloured buttons on the controller.

The controller below was sold in Australia.

SNES Controller Super Nintendo Entertainment System Controller SNES Controller Back  
Unit pictured has been sold and its location is unknown.