Nintendo Entertainment System 'NES' Standard Controller

In the same way the console it was intended for use on revamped the failing electronic games market in the US its controller did much the same for console controller designs.

While the controller brick wasn't anything new, Nintendo's use of the directional pad design created by Gunpei Yokoi for Nintendo's 'Game & Watch' LCD handheld games moved them away from traditional joystick controllers.

The design was originally used on the Nintendo Famicom where the controllers were hardwired to the console as opposed to the proprietary seven pin connector version on the NES.

The NES controllers both have Start and Select buttons whereas on the Famicom only the primary or player 1 controller have these buttons.  The second Famicom controller incorporates a microphone which is not replicated on the NES version. This means that there are a select few games of note that certain actions could not be completed without this feature; eg. The Legend of Zelda.

Design-wise, the controller was basic yet very functional but would have been easier to use for prolonged gaming sessions if the action buttons had been up higher on the brick rather than close to the bottom.

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