Intellivision Intellivoice Voice Synthesis Module Rev B

In 1982 by Mattel had the natty idea to release a ground breaking add-on for the Intellivision; a dedicated voice synthesis module.

It sounds like a lot of effort for a few average sound samples but interestingly enough the added voices were designed to be an integrated part of the games and not just a bonus bit of sound.

As seen below the Intellivoice plugged into the Intellivision's cartridge port and program cartridges were then inserted into it. If you were ultra keen you could plug the ECS** into the Intellivision, the Intellivoice into the ECS and cartridges into the Intellivoice. In fact, you had to if you wanted to play 'Intellivision World Series Major League Baseball' (a breakthrough title in itself).

Unfortunately the add-on wasn't well received, mainly due to a very limited number of game titles; Space Spartans, Bomb Squad, B-17 Bomber, TRON: Solar Sailer and Intellivision World Series Major League Baseball. The latter being so limited in release that it's almost not worth putting on the list.

A fifth and final title targeted for kids, 'Magic Carousel' was never released and by 1983 Mattel had moved away from promoting add-on hardware in favour of focusing on software and the Intellivoice faded into obscurity. 

** Please see specific page on this site for the Intellivision Entertainment Computer System (ECS).

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Unit pictured has been sold and its location is unknown.