Hanimex TVG 8610 Rev A

Released in 1977 for the Australian market the Hanimex TVG 8610 was one of many PONG variant clones.

It was built around a General Instruments AY-3-8610 processor and featured two removable but not fully detachable controllers, optional battery power and both on-screen and off screen scoring by way of tally sliders on the top of the console.

Sadly the 8610 didn't have a volume control as the sound generated from its internal speaker became grating.

The side of the case shows a cover over what appears to be a planned port, possibly a different power jack that was changed late in the development process after the casings had been manufactured.

The 8610 has many of same option switch features as the Hanimex TVG 070C**, auto serve, difficulty settings, etc. but it is a self contained unit not offering game cartridge support.

**see other page on this site for the TVG 070C

Hanimex TVG 8610 Hanimex TVG 8610 Joysitcks Hanimex TVG 8610 Batteries
Hanimex TVG 8610 PCB Hanimex TVG 8610 Motherboard Hanimex TVG 8610 Controller    
Unit pictured has been sold and its location is unknown.