Commodore MCS 810 Printer Rev 5

Released only in Australia, as far as I know, the Commodore MCS 810 is a repackaged and rebadged version of the OKIDATA OKIMATE 20 printer.

Unlike previous thermal printers, the MCS 810 used thermal transfer paper which technically meant that you could use any 'normal' paper you liked in it. Unfortunately for anything near decent results you really did need to use the proper thermal transfer paper.

The printer used a wax ink in a ribbon cartridge which the print head, once warmed up, would transfer to the paper. Due to the way wax printing works, the more smooth the paper the better the result so using the right paper was essential for anything other than draft prints.

As the wax ink is transferred off of the ribbon it means that the ribbon can only be used once; IE. you can't sneakily rewind the ink cartridge and use it again, albeit fainter, as you could with some standard ink ribons.

The 810 was able to output in both black & white and colour and for its era wasn't too bad for a budget printer. To its credit the printer produced vibrant colours and was almost silent in operation compared to impact printers.

OKIMATE 20 printer image courtesy of the 'Computer History Museum'.

Commodore MCS 810 Printer Commodore MCS 810
Commodore MCS 810 Motherboard Commodore MCS 810 PCB Commodore MCS 810  Powe Supply
Commodore MCS 810 Roller Commodore MCS 810 Print Head and Motor
Commodore MCS 810 Box    
Unit pictured has been sold and its location is unknown.