Commodore Amiga 520A MOD

Released for use with the Commodore Amiga 500 / A500, the Amiga 520A MOD was basically a way to get around having to use a dedicated Amiga monitor and instead use your old, blurry TV.

The 520A MOD converted / Modulated the Amiga's native video output to a UHF RF signal which users could tune into a space channel on most televisions. The A520 MOD also offered composite video out and an audio on port.

Unfortunately, all bar a few of the first released, the A520 provided horribly low quality images leading some to thing that this was a ploy to get people to buy the proper Amiga monitors.

I have however read that with the removal of a number of components and a little rewiring the A520 will output full bandwidth S-Video.

Basically a bulky, horrible looking little add-on that barely did what it was meant to and seems designed to to do less than promised.

Commodore Amiga 502A MOD Commodore 502A MOD
Commodore Amiga 502A MOD  
Unit pictured has been sold and its location is unknown.