Commodore Amiga A1000 Rev A

Released in July, 1985 the Commodore Amiga 1000/A1000 was initially simply called' The Amiga from Commodore'.

At its beginning the A1000 was destined to be a seriously impressive games machine but it was so impressive  once fully realised that Commodore elevated it to a full blown computer. It's not surprising when you consider that the A1000 was designed by Jay Miner who'd previously designed the impressive Atari 400 and 800.

As above, the Amiga was originally destined to be a games platform and was designed by a company called 'Amiga'. After attempting unsuccessfully to sell this new platform to Atari they offered it to Commodore who were quick to seize the opportunity.

Boasting a 32-bit, multitasking GUI, 4096 simultaneous colours and four channel stereo sound it was quickly embraced by graphic designers, artist and animators. For the price, the A1000 offered outstanding multimedia data processing with its multiple co-processors which allowed it to completely outstrip its competitors in ability with only much higher end, 'serious computers and workstations' able to offer similar features.

Unfortunately, due to poor marketing and a lack of compatibility with MS DOS buyers didn't give the A1000 a chance to really shine as it should have and it was soon replaced with the Commodore Amiga 500 and 2000.

Interestingly the underside of the case lid has the upraised signatures of the A1000's designers including 'Mitchy', Jay Miner's dog.

Commodore Amiga A1000 Commodore Amiga A1000 Back
Commodore Amiga A1000 Motherboard
Commodore Amiga A1000 PCB
Commodore Amiga A1000 Casing Commodore Amiga A1000 Shell
Commodore Amiga A1000 Signatures Commodore Amiga A1000 Power Supply
Commodore Amiga A1000 Fan Commodore Amiga A1000 Floppy Drive Commodore Amiga A1000 Disc Drive
Commodore Amiga A1000 Motor
Commodore Amiga A1000 Keyboard
Unit pictured has been sold and its location is unknown.