Commodore Amiga 500 /A500 Rev 5

Following in the footsteps of the Amiga 1000 (1985) the Commodore Amiga 500 or A500 was released in 1987 (along with the Amiga 2000) and was Commodore's first 'budget' 16/32 bit home computer which boasted advanced sound a graphics multitasking abilities.

While intended for use as home business machine as well as for the fun stuff, the A500 saw the most use in the games and multimedia avenue and many sound engineers still use it today in conjunction with modern hardware.

Odd for a budget micro, the Amiga 500 was made with socketed chips making it very easy to upgrade both processor and memory and a large reason why the computer is used by enthusiasts toady.

Not uncommonly, certain key chip components were given codenames. What is very uncommon is for the names to be printed on the PCB. In the example below you can see the names 'Gary', 'Paula', 'Fat Angus' and so on printed next to the respective chips. Even the micro's codename 'Rock Lobster*' is printed on the PCB.

Upgradable and versatile with an expansion slot and ample connectivity options the Amiga 500 earned its place as one of the most successful home computers of the 80's and while discontinued in 1991 is still in use today.

*Trivia: The A500 was named 'Rock Lobster' after the song of the same name by the B52's. The PCB is even printed B52  Rock Lobster. The B52 song naming convention carried on to the Amiga 600 'June Bug' and the Amiga 1200 'Channel Z'.

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