Commodore 64C / C64C Hong Kong Rev A

Released in 1986 the Commodore 64C was an update to the amazingly popular Commodore 64.

Styled more akin to the Commodore 128 the C64C shed the brown bread box styling yet retained almost identical functionality. Under the hood the C64C sported new I/O and VIC chips as well as a redesigned SID sound chip (8580). While the SID was new, the general thought is that the original SID (6581) had a more crisp sound than its replacement.

The most notable change was that the unit now ran with a 9 volt core VS the older 12 volt meaning that the C64C ran much cooler.

The C64C was often bundled with the new look 1541 floppy drive, the 1541c, and later a further revised and smaller drive the 1541-II. One combo pack was the "Pro Pack" which included the C64C, the 1541-II drive and a copy of the GEOS GUI third party software operating system.

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