Commodore 64 / CBM 64 Bread Box England Rev A

The ugly little brown lump that won the hearts and minds of millions.

Released in 1982 the Commodore 64 / CBM 64 (Commodore Business Machines) revolutionised consumer interest in affordable home computers. Boasting vastly superior sound and graphics when compared to then current IBM machines the C=64 introduced a platform ripe for software developers to flood the market with over ten thousand titles.

Due to the ease of use, albeit PEEK AND POKE based, Commodore's ROM loaded BASIC 2.0 made the C=64 a veritable canvas for budding child and adult software writers alike and saw many surprisingly young programmers having game software published and going on to become acclaimed coders.

While the C=64 was capable of a great many things it was predominantly used as a games console with a keyboard. Even though many of us wrote our own games and music and some of our parents tried to pretend to use it for serious work, in the end, we just really wanted to kick the snot out of the other guy in 'International Karate+'.

For many of us this was the introduction to computers that ensured we'd never go outside, kick a football or cast a fishing line. For this, we thank you Commodore.

Commodore 64 Brown Commodore 64 Original CBM 64
Commorode 64 Motherboard Commodore 64 PCB
Commodore 64 Keyboard Commodore 64 Keys
commodore 64 set up instructions manual  

See below comparisons of the English (highlighted blue) and the German releases.

Units pictured have been sold and their location is unknown.