Commodore 128D / C128DCR Rev 5

Released late in 1985 to the European market was a revamp of the Commodore 128 (C128) the Commodore 128D.  This is easily identified by its plastic chassis and carry handle. The nice thing about the C128 range was that you could switch them over to Commodore 64 mode and use almost all software written for the C=64.

In the second half of 1986 a US version of the C128D was released which was built around a metal chassis as is the one pictured below. It was titled the C128DCR (Cost Reduced) and didn't include the carry handle.

Much like the C128D the C128DCR had moved away from the 'keyboard computer' design and started looking more like a 'modern' computer with a base section and a detachable, adjustable height, keyboard. It featured a modular, switching power supply and an integrated 1571 floppy drive.

To save on production costs the cooling fan present on the C128D was removed although the mounting is still there suggesting that this was an afterthought. Numerous component consolidations were also made to lower manufacture costs.

The 12DCR did have the advantage of sporting the new and greatly improved MOS Technology 8568 graphics controller over the 8563 present in all bar the last few C128Ds. Sadly, although able to produce higher end graphics the feature was poorly supported by Commodore as they didn't update their BASIC Ver 7 to make it easy to use and developers had to resort to third party add-on software.

While the C128, C128D and C128DCR sold well it was nothing compared to the success of the Commodore 64. Clearly the C128 range were better business computers but people were moving to IBM clones for home computer power and the C128s really didn't have any dedicated game software that would justify the purchase over a C=64 just as a games machine.

Commodore had kicked off the Amiga range and were heavily marketing those. Curiously enough the C128 range at that time was costing almost as much to produce as the Amigas were. 

Commodore 128D C128DCR Commodore C128DCR
Commodore 128D Motherboard
Commodore 128D PCB Commodore 128D Floppy Drive
Commodore 128D Power Supply       Commodore 128D Power Switch 
     Commodore 128D Keyboard      
Unit pictured has been sold and its location is unknown.