Coleco ColecoVision Hong Kong Rev H2-I and US Rev D

Wading into the game market in August 1982 came the Coleco ColecoVision boasting near arcade quality graphics and in some instances superior versions. It also featured a similar general layout and game pad style to the already popular Intellivision.

Atari had the game market in their grip with the graphically inferior Atari 2600 and had a massive back catalogue of software to support it. While Atari had deals stitched up with Namco (makers of Pac-Man), Coleco targeted companies making arcade games to do home versions; SEGA, Universal and Konami. In fact, very few games native to the ColecoVision were actually produced, most software being arcade clones.

Controversially though the ColecoVision is best known for a landmark court ruling on one of its peripherals, the 'ColecoVision Expansion Module No. 1' (Atari 2600 Adapter). Wanting to take a bite out of Atari's market share Coleco  (a naming contraction of the greatly reformed Conneticut Leather Company) created an adapter that let the ColecoVision run Atari's 2600 ROM cartridge software range (see separate page on this site for details).

Atari challenged this in court but as Coleco had made their adapter with off the shelf components and none of the same core components used by Atari, Coleco was awarded victory making it a very attractive system and spawning a flood of 2600 clones.

Other peripherals for the ColecoVision include the 'ColecoVision Expansion Module No. 2' (steering wheel controller), the 'Super Action Controller' (see separate pages on this site for details), the 'Roller Controller' and the 'ColecoVision Expansion Module No. 3' or ADAM* computer/printer upgrade.

*The ADAM computer was also sold as a complete unit as opposed to the ColecoVision Expansion Module. Regardless of version, both units functioned almost identically.

ColecoVision ColecoVision Console ColecoVision Top
ColecoVision Motherboard ColecoVision RF Switch
ColecoVision Power Supply    

Compare the Hong Kong version above to the US release below. Note the different case and motherboard design.

ColecoVision PCB
    Hong Kong above
US below
Unit pictured has been sold and its location is unknown.