Coleco Gemini Rev A

One of the many Atari 2600 clones the Coleco Gemini had an interesting start.

In 1982 Coleco released an adapter for the ColecoVision game console that enabled it to play Atari 2600 ROM cartridge software. Atari challenged this in court but as Coleco had made their adapter with off the shelf components and none of the same core components used by Atari, Coleco was awarded victory.

This highly questioned ruling lead to a flood of Atari 2600 clones and the creation of the Coleco Gemini, a console that's name is even a tongue in cheek stab at Coleco's legal right to make a 2600 'twin'.

The Gemini's only real difference for users, bar aesthetics, to the Atari 2600 was the controller. The Gemini sported a combined joystick / 270 degree paddle with the joystick at the top and the paddle at the bottom.

Curiously enough, as the Gemini was MUCH smaller than the classic Atari 2600 consoles of the time it's speculated that its small form factor may have influenced Atari's design for the 2600 Jr. released some years later.

Coleco Gemini Coleco Gemini with Cartridge
Coleco Gemini Motherboard Coleco Gemini PCB
Coleco Gemini Casing      
Unit pictured has been sold and its location is unknown.