ATARI 7800 Rev C PAL Version

Released in 1986 the Atari 7800 was planned for release two years prior but was delayed due to the sale of the company and had been planned as a replacement for the Atari 5200 in 1984.

The 7800 was originally released with the Atari Proline Joystick but after serious complaints about its poor ergonomic design was later shipped with the Joypad Controllers.

Unlike the Atari 5200 the 7800 was almost fully backwards compatible with the back catalogue of 2600 games instantly giving it a huge range of older titles as well as new. Sadly, due to the popularity of Nintendo's NES, many 3rd party game companies were already locked into exclusive deals with Nintendo and so the 7800 only ever saw around a hundred titles specifically written for it.

It was the time of the home micro computer and to address the 'money better spent on a computer' thoughts the 7800 had been built in its first run with expansion capabilities to allow for a keyboard adapter, connection to a laser disc player and other peripherals to make it more attractive. None of these were ever put into production and the expansion port was removed in the 7800's second revision.

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Unit pictured has been sold and its location is unknown.