ATARI 7800 Joypad Rev 2 / 3

After complaints arose due to the poor ergonomic design of the Atari Pro-Line / Super Controller (see its page on this site for details) the Atari 7800 was re-released with the 7800 Joypad.

Featuring two, independently functioning action buttons (single function if used with the 2600) and a removable joystick atop a more contemporary looking d-pad (directional pad) the Joypad looked a lot more like something you'd expect to have found plugged into a Nintendo NES system.

Inside it features an odd design with two PCBs (Rev 2 and 3 in this unit) where one would seemingly have done just as well. This may have been a material cost VS assembly cost, cost saving exercise.

Atari 7800 Joypad Atari 7800 Gamepad Atari 7800 Joypad PCB  
Unit pictured has been sold and its location is unknown.