ATARI 400 - Rev 1 16k NTSC Version

Released in November 1979 the Atari 400 is a great looking microcomputer with four joystick ports! Why so few other units had this feature I'll never know.

Sadly to cut down on costs Atari used a membrane keyboard which was horrible to type on for any period of time making it next to useless for anything serious. Originally shipped with 4k of memory, it was quickly upped to 8kb to match the Atari 800 as RAM prices fell.

Regardless of its keyboard shortcomings, the Atari 400 greatly outstripped the far superior Atari 800 in sales.

Atari 400 NTSC
Atari 400 Motherboard Atari 400 PCB Atari 400 CPU Board
Atari 400 RAM Memory
Atari 400 Keyboard Membrane
Unit pictured has been sold and its location is unknown.