ATARI 2600 6 Switch
ODD** 'Woody' Rev 1 (non-Heavy Six)*

Originally released in 1977 as the Atari VCS (Video Computer System) the 2600 brought microprocessor consoles with game code stored on cartridges into popular, home use. The VCS was later rebranded the 2600 after the Atari part number 'CX2600'. In 1980 to cut costs Atari move the difficulty switches to the back of the console creating the "Four Switch Woody".

This 2600 model has in recent times been nicknamed '6 Switch Woody', not surprisingly due to the wood veneer and six, forward facing switches compared to the '4 Switch Woody'.

*While this is a Sunnyvale, CA manufactured 2600 it is not a 'Heavy Six / Heavy Sixer'. You can identify a Heavy Six by checking the width of the plastic either side of the ribbed, main surface. This is the plastic that is part of the base shell that can be seen if looking from directly above. The first 100 Sunnyvale, CA 2600s had much thicker plastic here, almost double the width, than all following models.

**This one's a bit of an oddity. It's a Sunnyvale, CA, Six Switch Woody that's not a Heavy Six but is quite different to the other Six Switch Woody listed on this site.

Comparison to the "Standard Six Switch Woody":

Wood veneer doesn't continues up onto the flat, top surface at the front.
Main board: C012283 REV 1  - Printed on a Red, component side PCB as opposed to a fully Green one.
Switch board: C012173 REV 1
Cable with Red RCA plug on the 'TV end' and RF plug on the console end
No "Speaker" vents in the ribbed, flat casing plate - just cut through to the underside
~ (compare to the standard 6 Switch photos on the other page)
No colour band around the switch plate
Numerous component variations

Atari 2600 6 Switch Woody Strange Version
Atari 2600 Six Switch Motherboard Atari 2600 Six Switch PCB
Unit pictured has been sold and its location is unknown.