ATARI 2600 MARJAC ROM Scanner Rev D

Released in 1981 the ROM Scanner produced by Marjac was an add-on that sat above your VCS / 2600 and let the user select from ten inserted games at the press of a button without having to power down the console.

Sounds a bit clunky and basic but at the time it was pretty neat. It was powered by the 2600 so required no additional power pack and let you swap between games in a second; the system automatically resetting to load the new game when a button was pressed.

Using the ROM Scanner was convenient and had the added bonus of greatly reducing the wear and tear on your 2600's cartridge port and on the games themselves. It also removed most of the pain of plugging and unplugging the CompuMate Keyboard made by Spectravideo (seen below).

The only real downsides were that a few of the more odd shaped cartridges didn't fit into the slots, like the XONOX double enders and while it did work with the 2600 Jr. it didn't sit nicely on top as it did with all 2600 classic models.

~ Packaging image from unknown, on-line source.

ATARI 2600 MARJAC ROM Scanner  MARJAC ROM Scanner    MARJAC ROM Scanner with Atari 2600 
          MARJAC ROM Scanner Motherboard 
        MARJAC ROM Scanner Legs   
       MARJAC ROM Scanner Cable  MARJAC ROM Scanner Box  
Unit pictured has been sold and its location is unknown.