ATARI 2600 Kid's Controller

Identical in function to the Keyboard / Keypad Controller and Video Touch Pad (AKA Star Raiders Controller) the Kid's Controller sported twelve, soft, large, kid mashable buttons. Originally intended for use with the Sesame Street / Children's Television Workshop titles they were compatible with any title usable with the above mentioned controllers.

The Kid's controller also allowed for overlay inserts to be slotted in over the buttons to personalise the controller to each specific game.

The Kid's Controller was compatible with the following production titles; Alpha Beam with Ernie, Basic Programming, Big Bird's Egg Catch, Brain Games, Codebreaker, Concentration, Cookie Monster Munch, Hunt & Score, Magic Card, Memory Match, Oscar's Trash Race and Star Raiders.

Atari 2600 Kid's Controller Atari Kid's Controller Atari 2600 Kid's Controller Motherboard
Unit pictured has been sold and its location is unknown.