ATARI 2600 4 Switch 'Woody' Rev 5*

Originally released in 1977 as the Atari VCS (Video Computer System) the 2600 brought microprocessor consoles with game code stored on cartridges into popular, home use. The VCS was later rebranded the 2600 after the Atari part number 'CX2600'. In 1980 to cut costs Atari moved the difficulty switches to the back of the console creating the "Four Switch Woody".

Everyone had one, or wanted one and soon going around to your friend's place to play 'Atari' became a common phrase regardless of whether it was actually an Atari or another company's console.

This 2600 model has in recent times been nicknamed '4 Switch Woody', not surprisingly due to the wood veneer and four, forward facing switches compared to the '6 Switch Woody'.

*Note the two case versions, images one and two. Image two shows the unused 'speaker' vents carried across from presumably leftover six switch cases as the four and six switch cover plate is an interchangeable piece.

Atari 2600 Four Switch Woody Atari 2600 4 Switch Woody
Atari 2600 four Switch Motherboard Woody
Atari 2600 Four Switch Woody Casing        
Unit pictured has been sold and its last known location is the Misseoz Collection.