ATARI 1040 STE - Rev A PAL Version

Released in 1989 The STE was an enhancement on the Atari ST boasting updated multimedia and OS features.

The ST was the first home computer with integrated MIDI sound support and to top that the STE was the first Atari computer with PCM support and the first home computer to have sample rates above CD quality.

Sadly very few of the new STE features were ever used and those that were are only seen in more serious applications. The 'Enhanced Joystick Ports' that also took standard joysticks were again used on the Atari Jaguar.

Atari 1040 STE
Atari 1040 STE Motherboard Atari 1040 STE PCB
Atari 1040 STE Power Supply PSU Atari 1040 STE Floppy Drive
Atari 1040 STE Keyboard
Unit pictured has been sold and its location is unknown.