Super UFO Aftermarket Six Button Controller 3DOV3

Sold as an aftermarket controller for use with the Panasonic, Goldstar or Sanyo 3DO Interactive Multiplayer the Super UFO gamepad dumps a couple of features in favour of others not offered on the native controllers.

See separate pages on this site for details on the official 3DO controllers.

The Super UFO controller does not offer a headphone jack and volume control OR the ability to daisy chain a second controller from it to allow for more than one player at a time (the 3DO only having one controller port) but what it does have is six action buttons in addition to the two shoulder buttons. This makes it great for playing fighting games. Of course, unless you have a genuine controller you can't play with anyone else and the person using the genuine one won't have the luxury six action buttons so.... Still, great for solo play.

As bonus feature the directional pad has a metal thread in its centre into which the player can screw a short joystick in the event you like that sort of thing.

Useless features aside the Super UFO controller does offer the player a 'Slow' and two 'Turbo' buttons to make gaming just that little bit easier. It's not at all uncommon for aftermarket hardware to offer additional features not available on the native units and it's equally common for them to be cheaply made. This is not exception.

Not needing to replicate the ability to link controllers or output sound, the controller's smarts are a greatly cut down version of the native controllers.

The casing, while solid, appears to have been reused from another controller as it has an open-able battery cover and space for batteries to be inserted, but there are no power terminals.

As with the genuine controllers the gamepad doubles as a controller for the 3DO's multimedia functions which is hinted at by the start and select buttons being labeled with symbols indicating stop and play/pause.

As of 2011, Super UFO as a company are still in business making good aftermarket controllers for a number of platforms.

Super UFO 3DO Controller Super UFO Six Button Controller
Unit pictured has been sold and its location is unknown.