The horrible music and songs of Avon Fox.


Vodka and Ammonia music download
Vodka and Ammonia is a track that evolved over many months of dedicated procrastination.
One man's tale decent into uncertainty due to poor beverage choice.

From an idea I had in the shower (this happens a lot) to months of having no idea what the song was going to be or even if it actually was a song at all to a fully fledged...... something. Experimental is probably being too kind with over thirty layers of sounds jostling for your attention.

Korg R3, Korg EMX-1, 'mouth noises', TC-Helicon Voicelive2, a Suzuki QChord and various household items all went into whatever this is.

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(DO NOT drink ammonia!)



dutch mouse cartoon emu vodka and ammonia fan art ostritch

Accomplished cartoonist David (Dutch) Koppenhaver created this great piece of fan-art for the song!

To see more of Dutch's work check out his long running comic 'Misty the Mouse' and if you get keen he can be contacted for very reasonable commission work at Patreon.


Loch Ness Pickle Song MP3 Download
Loch Ness Pickle is my first rock hard rock song... be very afraid!

Planned, written and recorded on and off over eighteen hours it's a cautionary tale warning folks about the dreaded Loch Ness Pickle. What was I thinking? There may have been some intoxication at the time.
Still, there it is. :)

Korg R3 synth, Korg EMX drum machine, Korg KP3, VoiceLive 2 vocal harmony and effects pedal and the little bit of electric guitar I learnt in a couple of hours.

Obviously I can't sing for peanuts but eh, sometimes you just have to sing a song about a pickle.

Listen on-line with lyrics.



Time Stops Song MP3 Download
Time Stops is something a bit different from me and another first attempt.
I'm going to call it ambient, old school electronica and hope that explains it best.
This was a 'live' recording where all sounds were recorded as played with little post mixing.

It took about four hours to plan and choose sounds, set the mixer and get ready before hitting record.

For a better sound I could have recorded all the parts separately and combined them with a nice mix but I enjoy the freedom and uniqueness of a 'live' performance too much so it is how it is. :)

Korg R3 synth, Korg ER-1 drum machine, VoiceLive 2 vocal harmony and effects pedal and my Knob Box; see 'Other Projects' for details.

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My Goodbye Song MP3 and Lyrics Download

A bit more of a serious offering this time, My Goodbye comes firmly under the title of 'gave it a go'.
I should stress that it's not actually about me. Obviously you can't help but write from what you know here and there but it's certainly not autobiographical in any way.

I play all the music on it and so on which is fairly evident. I'm pretty much learning to play the instruments, record and mix as I go so it's all early stage sounds in every way.
It was going to be sung and I did try but these pipes just can't do it...yet. so it's a more spoken word affair.

It was made over four days but I'd probably cut that in half with the things I've learnt from doing this one.

The next track will be more ridiculous, like the others! I promise!

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Between Stations Chook Pook Song MP3 Download

Oh man, where do I start with this one? It's called Between Stations Chook Pook... I just dunno.

I was in the shower (I know that doesn't sound promising) and started singing this little tune. I walked out, half washed, recorded the vocals and then got back into the shower, satisfied that a masterpiece was on the way.

I'd just bought a new mixing desk and a new audio compositing application and wanted to play with some samples. I play the guitar bits in this one and make some of the sound effects with it and the rest is all samples and electro-jiggery-pokery.

I thought that 'Chook Pook' was something that my brother and I used to say when we were little kids but he has no memory of it at all so.... I have no excuses.

Apparently 'Chook Pook' was what I wanted.


Walking With Kransky by Avon Fox MP3 and Video Download

This was my very first song attempt and was simply recorded with the movie function of my digital camera.

I should stress that Walking With Kransky is intentionally horrible. :)

At the time I couldn't play the guitar at all or obviously sing and pretty much made up most of the words on the spot. Do be warned that many people have reported getting it stuck in their heads!

There are more details about the animated clip are in the Film and Media section).

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2 Cowboys Song Video and MP3 Download

2 Cowboys is neither musical or a song but it is horrible!

It was an experiment to make a spoken word story that repeatedly builds on itself in a frustrating and almost uncomfortable way.

I had some ideas but they weren't all grabbing me so I asked my partner for a list of things that she thought a couple of cowboys might get up to and it went from there.

Who knew that cowboys lived such rich and full lives?!

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