Help identify old toys that I just can't for the life of me work out what they are.

What is that thing???!

After running every search I can think of I still have no idea what these things are and am calling on the wealth of knowlage out there to lend a hand.

If you reccognise any of these items please drop me an email from the button top right of the page.

Some of these I've been reseaching for a few years and would love to know what they are.


Alien / Creature / Rock / Meteor / Ball... Thing

This chap is 11 cm or 4 1/4 inches -ish across and from around the late 70s or early 80s.

The outer ball sections are hard plastic while the red middle is medium firm rubber.
When you push on the middle of the creature the limbs fold in and eventually you end up with a ball that locks securely together with tabs on each limb and the ring on its left foot. Under the middle of the rubber bit there's a spring which would cause the limbs to pop back out once the catch was released.

I remeber there being an ad for them and there being different coloured versions. I can't remember whether it was just the fleshy bit that was different colours and maybe the outers were all black or if they were all different.

I seem to remember that they were a stand-alone toy and not part of a set; not little creature you get with a bigger toy style. That could just be how I remember it.

I've only ever known of another person who remembers having one (a different colour) but not what it was.

I'm hestitant to fold it up into a ball due to the way the limbs are hinged on with thinner sections of the outer shell which would only allow for so many flexes before breaking.

There's no stamping on either part of the toy that I can see.

If you have any idea at all I'd LOVE to hear it!

ball creature what is this toy rock creature what is this toy

Little Red Rocket

This little rocket is 2.75 cm or 1 inch long.

They have a hole through the length of the shaft which could indicate they slot over a guide rod.

Each one has a little lip at the base which looks like it could hold it in place in a spring loaded launcher.

If the shaft was divided into four, there are only fins on three sizes.

Again, any help is VERY appreciated.

red rocket what is this from red missle help identify what is it from