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The Tenderiser: Short Film (20 mins) - 2006

In 2006 my brother and I were walking the dog and came up with the ridiculous idea that became The Tenderiser.

In forty five mins we'd planned a story and a bunch of bad jokes which became the start of a twelve month odyssey.

Genre: Brutal, shlock action-horror with terrible puns and real pig guts!

Plot Summary: Frank Casserole's life is destroyed after the unusual death of his wife Maria. A drunk, broken man Frank spends
his days trying to forget. A recent escalation in others dying in the same mysterious manner as Maria sees Frank called to action.

Inexplicably drawn to his meat tenderiser Frank rises to the challenge to mete out rough justice.

What is it he finds that staggers belief?
What has it to do with the small piece of intestine he lost in the war and a dark pact made to secure revenge?!

Trivia: The film was featured for judging at the Fantastic Film Festival in Texas in 2007.

None of the cast or crew had been involved in making a film before.

We used real pig guts.

Stream the trailer here

download the tenderiser trailer here
The Tenderiser Movie Wallpaper 1 The Tenderiser Movie Wallpaper 1 The Tenderiser Promotional Photo 1 The Tenderiser Promotional Photo 2 The Tenderiser Promotional Photo 3
The Tenderiser Promotional Photo 4 The Tenderiser Promotional Photo 5 The Tenderiser Promotional Photo 6 The Tenderiser Promotional Photo 7 The Tenderiser Promotional Photo 8

Stream the film here

download the entier 22 minute film the tenderiser


2 Cowboys - 2009 - Style: a cappella

2 Cowboys is neither musical nor a song, it is however horrible!

It was an experiment to make a spoken word story that repeatedly builds on itself.

I had some ideas but they weren't all grabbing me so I asked my partner for a list of things that she
thought a couple of cowboys might get up to and it went from there.

Who knew that cowboys lived such rich and full lives?!

Best described as frustrating and almost uncomfortable.

Stream it here

download mp3 of 2 cowboys by avon fox
download video file of 2 cowboys by avon fox

Skippy 2010 - 2010

What misconceived rubbish is this?

I'm not going to spoil it with too much description. I saw an opportunity and ran with it.

It was high time that two people with no budget made a re-make of this classic show.

Note: there's a good chance that only South Australians will understand this
Stream it here

download the film clip of Skippy 2010 by Avon Fox

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