Here are some of my video projects.


2006 - The Tenderiser: Short FilmThe Tenderiser Poster (20 mins)
The Tenderiser Official Film Download
There's also a full galley, film facts and more!

In 2006 my brother and I were walking the dog (named Teal'c) and came up with the ridiculous idea that became The Tenderiser. In forty five mins we'd planned a story outline and a bunch of bad jokes which became the start of a twelve month odyssey.

Genre: Brutal, shlock action-horror with terrible puns and real pig guts!

Plot Summary: Frank Casserole's life is destroyed after the unusual death of his wife Maria. Now a drunk, broken man Frank spends his days in front of the TV trying to forget. News reports bring him more and more cases showing others dying in the same mysterious manner and Frank has had enough. Inexplicably drawn to his meat tenderiser Frank rises to the challenge to mete out rough justice. What is it he finds that staggers belief, what has it to do with the small piece of intestine he lost in the war and the dark pact it made to secure its revenge?!

Note: In case there's any confusion, I finished this project before legally changing my name to Avon Fox.

Trivia: The film, while Australian, was featured for judging at the Fantastic Film Festival in Texas in 2007. People also ask why we spelt Tenderiser with and 's'; that's just how we spell it in Australia! ;)
There's a number of nods to other films such as 'The Running Man' and 'Robocop' but you can have fun finding them for yourself.

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The Tenderiser Movie Wallpaper 1 The Tenderiser Movie Wallpaper 1 The Tenderiser Promotional Photo 1 The Tenderiser Promotional Photo 2 The Tenderiser Promotional Photo 3
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(see above link for the official film site and a high quality version)


Walking With Kransky Film Clip Download MP3 and Video

This is the animated film clip I made for my horrible Walking with Kransky song (more details about the song in the Music and Songs section).

This was done extremely basically. I drew all the pieces of the character on paper with old markers then scanned. I then composted him together on the computer in one pose then saved it. I then moved the bits I needed to where they would be in the next frame and saved that as the next file; and on and on.

In true cel animation style, the character has a transparent background enabling you to see the moving separate element background behind him while his walk cycle and other movement plays.

It took about four hours to make from drawing to finished and while very simple, it does give you something to stare at while trying to make it though the song. : )

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Skippy 2010 Parody Download Video

What misconceived rubbish is this?!

I'm not going to spoil it with too much description but Lupin and I saw an opportunity and ran with it.

It was high time that two people with no budget made a re-make of this classic show; in lieu of spending the weekend cleaning the house like they'd planned.

Production: Having a sit. Had a terrible idea. We thought it was gold. Filmed it a few times until I got the walk around camera timing right and then quickly edited it together with suitable graphics, effects, sound and some static I filmed from our telly.

All up it took about two hours to make. Including the sit.

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2 Cowyboy By Avon Fox MP3 and Video Download

This really is horrible but I've had a few people say they loved it that weren't clinically insane (before they watched it) so maybe it's for a niche market.

There's more details about the actual song in the Music and Songs section.

I thought, what could possibly compliment this audio outrage more perfectly than my ugly head?!

Production: basically I recorded each section over and over again until I had enough to choose from to select one that sounded right and had a suitable facial expression.
Once a suitable clip was selected I pretty much just linked them all together, adding a new clip to the story each time, made the title page and there you have it.

The cactus and hat images in the top corners were put in purely because there was something in the shot that I didn't want there and couldn't be bothered digitally removing so thought, 'eh, I'll just add some tacky Western-esque) imagery and call it done!

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